Comments On Properties Or Areas

In essence, you can attach any comment you like to a parcel. It can be specific to a parcel (or it's occupants) or general to the area. Unless you are a paying subscriber, all comments are public. Subsciber comments can be public or private.

1. Find the parcel to which the comment pertains. "Quick Search" on the left of the Home Page or "Search" from the top menu if you are a registered user or subscriber.

2. Click View Comments For This Area

3. The top section shows public comments within 1 mile of your subject parcel. The blue hyperlinks take you to the parcels that have previous comments associated with them.

4. Select a "Topic" from the drop down menu.

5. Type in your message.

6. Click "Post Comments"

7. comments graphic will appear along the left column of the search results page.

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